Saturday, 16 June 2007

Winner Cakes All!

The first bunfight was a huge success with over fifty very creative entries. Thanks very much to everyone who took part. James will be posting the winners' names soon. In the meantime, we'd be delighted if anyone wants to email us their entry recipe and will happily post it on the blog.


Catherine said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart tarts to all the organisers for a lovely afternoon. It was great fun taking part and the fact that I actually won something gave me a real thrill !! - which is quite something given that Im 36 and dont get out much.

If I may be so bold.. for the next one - perhaps we could take inspiration from the RHS and award entries gold, silver or bronze medals - then have specific awards / prizes - thus spreading the happyjam even further?

BTW did anyone pick up a blue plate - I forgot to take it back with me in all the cake filled excitement.

Anonymous said...

yes, lovely day. Any chance of posting names of the winners? Anyone willing to give up their trade secret recipes as well?


Anonymous said...

You were all winners! James has promised to post the details of the entries which received prizes.....soon.

Catherine, your blue plate is at the bookshop. I also have a red plate here too.

A big thanks to everyone who took part. For one day you transformed a small part of Peckham into a village fete.