Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Hello and Welcome

Do you have doughy buns?
Are your tarts fruity?
Does your cookie crumble?
Do you fancy your chances against local food godesses Silvana ‘cold hands’ Franco (yes of televisual fame) and Angela ‘sharp knives’-Boggiano (food editor of Delicious magazine)?

Then ladies, man your stoves because you are cordially invited by the Bellenden Village Womans Institute in collaboration with The Review Book Shop- purveyor of fine verse, to

The Bellenden Bun Fight Cookery Competition

From your
Chairman and Chief Judge
James Fisher


Gareth said...

Can't wait to see your buns!

Rob said...

I am both doughy and fruity. do I win a prize?

Lynne said...

Aw - I wanna play but I'm the wrong side of south London. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Ladeez...wot about the geezers wot can bake?

Anonymous said...

your calender's had too much hash browns's in the future.

fisher family said...

james said: for the anonymous comment about your sexual disposition re entry. We are only interested in yiour buns. What is in your lunchbox is your own affair. Geezers, Gals, grubby boys are all welcome

fisher family said...

james said: Rob you are always a winner. Having a doughy midrift and fruity feet is a combination hard to beat.

fisher family said...

JAmes said: our calander is what????

lovepump said...

Anything that I can put in my mouth, and leaves my fingers sticky, is always a winner.