Monday, 7 May 2007

Choco Rice Crispies in the making

Pia Fisher in action this weekend perfecting her party peice. These rice crispies are to die for

Friday, 4 May 2007

Bun Fight just got Glamorous

Yet another well heeled Bellenden super star throws down the gauntlet. Jenny 'white stuff' White, well known home cook hustler and mega star of Grazia magazine, has today announced her intention to enter the Bun Fight. Her patissier skills are enough to make a grown man weep. The contest just got glamourous.

News Flash: Prizes for all

Due to the extreme generosity of a local benefactor, we are pleased to announce that all entrants to the Bellenden Bun Fight will receive a top notch prize of a hand crafted ceramic pie black bird funnel, whether you like it or not. Our benefactor has made a wish to remain anonymous, but we would like to thank the well known Pie Book authoress who has now cleared out all her old cupboards of all her crap.