Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bun Fight 2011

Our 5th annual cookery competition will be taking place outside the Review Bookshop on

Sunday 9th October

This year's Classic Cake Competition will be The Best Carrot Cake and as always there will be a special prize for Best In Show. All winners and runners up will be awarded a prize.

Please drop off entries between 10am - 12pm.

Winners to be announced at 3.00pm followed by the cake sale (of any entries that have been donated to the event)

Entry forms and further info are available from Review.

£1 per entry is payable on the day. All proceeds raised will be donated to charity. Please contact us with nominations for this year's funds.


Anonymous said...

Hi - we bought an amazing selection of cakes from the bun fight today - one in particular was simply perfect.
Had cream cheese icing with pecans on top - I really, really, really want the recipe.
Any chance you could point me in right direction?
Thanks, Matt.

Silvana said...

Hi Matt
I'm glad you liked the cake you bought!
I am planning to email the entrants and ask for recipes to put up on this blog. Was your cake square-cut? If it was, then that was the winning carrot cake and I'll certainly have a go at getting that recipe. If not, once we've put up the photos we can see if we can identify the one you're after and ask the cook for the recipe.
Thanks for coming along yesterday!